News Round Up No 5

Been a while since a news round up hasn’t it? From now on some of the stories I will be covering will be ‘locked’ content on , as I recently acquired a subscription. Apologies if you can’t read the article for yourself! Fighter-launched micro drones form swarm The US Defence Department recently released a […]

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News Round Up No. 4

It’s the beginning of advent! Finally! Feels like its been forever since December decided to roll around. Here are 2 news stories from this week, both sourced from, a fantastic website which has its own magazine as well! Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo glides in Virgin Galactic has begun glide flights of the SpaceShipTwo sub-orbital vehicle […]

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News Round-Up No. 3

Nothing too heavy to read this week. I really really need some rest. Instead this week will be more stating facts less opinions. Airbus A350-1000 completes its historic first flight The test flight of this new aircraft on November the 24th paves the way for a new type of long haul aircraft, and this kick-starts […]

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The failures of the F-35

Unfortunately, no news this week that I could find, so instead I will be talking about the F-35 and how it has in many ways, failed the system and is set to be a sub-par compromise to the F-22. The F-35 Lightning II strike fighter has been designed and built by Lockheed Martin and is […]

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News Round-up No. 2

Another week gone, with surprisingly little coming out of the news. I’ve found 1 story which has a very big impact on both aerospace ambitions, and ambitions for humanity itself. A national space policy for the century For around 2 years, United States Air Force (USAF) officers have looked into¬†impacts on national security due to […]

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