Aerospace Videos No. 2

Back again with 3 more new videos that I stumbled across this week. Britain’s Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF This is the first episode in a series that takes a look at some of the flying roles in the RAF. This episode features the Red Arrows, and goes into detail about how each show is […]

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Aerospace Videos No 1.

This week I decided to consolidate some videos that I have stumbled across on YouTube and share with you the most interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick this up again once I find some more! The Rise of Boeing and Airbus in 4 minutes This video is great at untangling the hundreds of years of […]

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News Round Up No. 6

Space – Where are we going? President Donald Trump has mentioned “space,” and promised to unlock its “mysteries.” In the atmosphere surrounding a radical change in the Washington power structure, the new commander-in-chief’s brief mention in his inaugural address is significant. It means he, or more likely at this point in the Trump administration, his […]

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News Round Up No 5

Been a while since a news round up hasn’t it? From now on some of the stories I will be covering will be ‘locked’ content on , as I recently acquired a subscription. Apologies if you can’t read the article for yourself! Fighter-launched micro drones form swarm The US Defence Department recently released a […]

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