Paris Air Show review

You may have noticed an absence of aerospace posts on this blog for some time. This was due to the exam season approaching and me wanting to focus on my studies, however after exams had finished I was lucky enough to go on a day trip to Paris to visit the Paris Air Show, a yearly event that switches locations between London and Paris. This year saw many spectacles from the F-35 doing manoeuvres above crowds to the reveal of the RACER high speed concept helicopter. To make up for my disappearance I will do a post every day for each notable thing I saw at the show until I run out of pictures. 


The Korea GPS Guided Bomb (KGGB for short) is a ‘fire-and-forget’ precision guided bomb that is released from fighter planes and is intended to hit targets on the ground.  The KGGB is not only guided by its internal navigation system but also by a GPS satellite positioning system, and it’s range is significantly extended by the addition of a wing kit. The weapon is under development by LIG Nex1 for the Republic of Korea Air Force. What impresses me most about this is how the addition of wings allows bombs to undergo manoeuvres that would otherwise be impossible with conventional bombs, such as being able to engage enemies that are in some sort of dugout cover, such as a cave, as illustrated (badly) below by me.


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