Aerospace Videos No 1.

This week I decided to consolidate some videos that I have stumbled across on YouTube and share with you the most interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick this up again once I find some more!

The Rise of Boeing and Airbus in 4 minutes

This video is great at untangling the hundreds of years of history between the 2 companies and bringing it all together into 4 minutes of essential info about getting to grips with the two companies.

Automatic Air Collision Avoidance System (ACAS)

When the US Department of Defence realised that mid-air collisions were becoming more common than preferred, ACAS was the solution. ACAS detects planes that are in the nearby vicinity and then makes a decision about how to best avoid a collision. This video goes into detail about how the system works and its effectiveness.

How is it made: SR-71 BLACKBIRD

From the wings to the instruments on the dashboard, this declassified video showcases the careful planning that goes into the build of each of these aircraft.

Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections – Airbus A380

This is a delightful series run with Richard Hammond as the presenter, and he embarks on a journey of discovery of all the different engineering marvels of the modern world. Here I will put the A380 episode, however there are others, such as the Space Shuttle!


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