F-22 History and Service

Back in 1982, the Soviet Union introduced the Su-27 Flanker, which matched the US F-15’s performance. America, as per, doesn’t want a equal fight, the Air force wanted a successor for the F-15. The Advanced Tactical Fighter project commenced in 1984, aimed to produce a fighter to incorporate fresh technologies, such as stealth, composite materials […]

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Aerospace Videos No. 3

Future Aircraft – NASA Documentary This is a video that details advances in the technology that aerospace companies are using and goes into detail about how these advances have impacted both the industry and the wider world.   Complicated Military Aircraft This documentary goes into all the various military aircraft that have been used, are […]

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F-15 Eagle

The F-15’s birth can ultimately be traced back to the Vietnam War. During the War, U.S Navy and Air Force used dozens of types of aircraft, engendering a logistical and maintenance disaster. The U.S Secretary of Defence at the time was McNamara, who was a sizeable fan of standardising armaments, asked the Air Force to consider […]

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Aerospace Videos No. 2

Back again with 3 more new videos that I stumbled across this week. Britain’s Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF This is the first episode in a series that takes a look at some of the flying roles in the RAF. This episode features the Red Arrows, and goes into detail about how each show is […]

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Aerospace Videos No 1.

This week I decided to consolidate some videos that I have stumbled across on YouTube and share with you the most interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick this up again once I find some more! The Rise of Boeing and Airbus in 4 minutes This video is great at untangling the hundreds of years of […]

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News Round Up No. 6

Space – Where are we going? President Donald Trump has mentioned “space,” and promised to unlock its “mysteries.” In the atmosphere surrounding a radical change in the Washington power structure, the new commander-in-chief’s brief mention in his inaugural address is significant. It means he, or more likely at this point in the Trump administration, his […]

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